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Avto Metals - A World of Possibilities


What are Avto Metals™?

Avto Metals are new materials that can be custom-designed to achieve desired electrical or physical properties. They use a new method of changing the distribution of electrons within a material, thus changing the electrical properties of that material.

Avto Metals are a result of the discovery of a new quantum interference effect, which we have called the Avto Effect. The Avto Effect will enable the transformation of existing materials into materials with precisely-defined properties for almost any electronic application. These new materials will give scientists, engineers, and product designers a previously unavailable range of options in creating new technologies and products. In effect, Avto Metals form entirely new materials with customized electrical properties.

For more detailed information, please review our technology section and our patent portfolio.

What are potential applications?

Initial applications will be simpler and cheaper diodes and cathodes, including for amplifiers, mass spectrometers, instruments, and flat panel displays. Applications also include new technologies for efficient electrical power generation (such as Power Chips), and for cooling and refrigeration (such as Cool Chips). Future applications may include transistors, which are the technical bases for all microelectronic devices -- such as computers, cellphones, and multifunction digital tools. However, the full range of Avto Metals applications will not be known for decades, as scientists and engineers find new ways to use them.

Who owns Avto Metals?

Broad-ranging patents cover the design, manufacture, and use of Avto Metals. These patents are licensed to Avto Metals plc, a majority-owned subsidiary of Borealis Exploration Limited. The Avto Effect was theorized, researched and discovered by Dr. Avto Tavkhelidze, a Principal Scientist at Borealis, for whom the technology is named.

Avto Metals plc intends to further broadly license the technology.

  Rights to manufacture, use or sell Avto Metals are covered under comprehensive patents, but prospective co-developers or users of the technology are welcome to license it. Numerous samples have been fabricated which demonstrate proof of concept, and their work function reduction has been measured by Kelvin Probes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding investing, licensing, or co-developing this technology.

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